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It's enough to make us blush! But what better way for you to be confident that you are dealing with a company who cares about their customers.

This past week I visited your store because my PC had memory issues. Two of your front desk employees helped me to figure out what memory cards could be used to remedy a serious problem that needed to be addressed to improve the memory in my PC. The help that I received was excellent. And now our PC works better than ever. It really seems like a new unit.

Our most sincere thanks go out to your staff for the help that was received to correct the problem.

Mr./Mrs. Frank and Barbara Barany
August 2011

Thanks everyone very much for such prompt shipping. I received the part at 9:30am this morning and the computer has been repaired with a minimum of down time.

Bill Jacobus
July 2011

Dear Sales.
I received my new drive yesterday and had a laugh. In my former job at the University Electronics Maintenance department I was Mr. Laptop. We did warranty work on 8 different brands and I never once saw consecutive date codes. On this machine, a Lenovo, the date code on the drive was 2008 07 01. The new one is 2008 07 02! Along with a drive that now has a decent (DVD) laser, I had a good laugh.

Thanks for the good service. Next time I'll drive over from Youngstown if I need a laptop part. It'll get me out of the radio station for an afternoon.

Ron Krauss, Chief Engineer
The WYSU stations

Just a thank you email in reference to order TQ3C5ME. Item received in excellent condition and worked out of the box flawlessly, delivery was prompt.

Ronald James
February 2011

Just a note to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order for a Lenovo bluetooth daughter card.

I opened the package today, and was a little surprised to find what appeared to be an empty anti static bag inside all the packaging. I was about to throw it away and send you an angry note, when I noticed that there was something very small in it. On opening it, I found that it was the Bluetooth Daughter Card! I had no clue that it would be so small.

Anyway, it's installed and working now, so I thought I'd share this experience with you.

adiseshu hari
January 2011

You and your company are so much more professional than anyone I have dealt with in a long long time! Very refreshing.

Bill Keffer
January 2011

you guys are great to buy from - cheaper and quicker. Thank you.

Sheila Wagner
June 2010

When I received the goods I placed the disk drive in the shell and with 5 minutes from your tech support I was up and running!

Best Regards,
Dave Rinehart

The screen was received and has been installed. It was a perfect match. We are very happy with the part, price, packing and quick delivery. We will check w/ ACS first for future replacement parts.

Joseph Jurgena, President
Database Solutions, Inc.
February 2010

I just wanted to write to say thank you. My t60 lost a fight with a glass of water and I ordered a MB yesterday morning. Almost exactly 24 hours later, I had my replacement used board from you installed and my laptop up and running. It was by far the best experience I have ever had ordering used parts online, including a quick call right after my order to change mistake the billing address. Very helpful staff.

Jeremy D. Rogers, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering
Northwestern University
October 2009

I received my order this morning and am right now using the replacement power adapter. Great service! I'll definitely use your company in the future.

Nick Krochmal
September 2009

I must tell you that my purchasing experience has been nothing short of fantastic. I already have my part and it is exactly what I needed. I was completely informed of every aspect of the purchase including shipping information and invoicing. If you have a wall of fame, please feel free to put me in it.

Thanks for a truly extraordinary internet shopping experience. You and your team top my list on professional service and I will not hesitate to purchase from you again.

James F. Kromer
CheckPoint Consulting

The management staff at ACS thanks you for your interest in our organization. We look forward to serving you.

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