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ACS Service Center Terms and Conditions

* I authorize ACS Service Center to run thorough diagnostic testing and/or perform a quoted repair with my verbal approval. By signing this sheet I understand and agree to ACS Service Center's following Terms and Conditions:

* Data Loss
I understand that data recovery and/or data backup may not be possible and a loss of data and/or software may result from diagnostic testing and/or repair services. ACS Service Center assumes no responsibility for any software program, data loss, or data restoration. ACS Service Center assumes no financial responsibility for data not recovered and/or unrecoverable in excess of the quoted data backup fees.

* $79 Diagnosis Fee Includes
I understand that a diagnostic fee of $89 will apply if I decide not to complete a quoted repair. If I authorize the quoted repair, the $79 diagnostic fee will be applied to any and all labor charges. In addition, I understand that repair of one system failure may reveal additional system failures that may require additional parts and/or labor expense to repair. I understand that new, used, and reconditioned parts may be used in warranty and non-warranty repairs. All parts replaced under an exchange or core program will not be returned to me.

* Unclaimed Repairs
I grant ACS Service Center a security interest in and to the equipment to secure payment of repair charges incurred hereunder. I understand that any items not claimed and paid for within (30) days will become property of ACS Service Center and all data will be removed from the hard drive. I understand that ACS Service Center will make (2) attempts to contact me at the phone number provided.

* Repair Quote
Fees associated with parts, upgrades, data back-up, and/or specialty services will be quoted for your approval prior to the installation or performance of product or service. Additional fees apply to parts, upgrades, data back-up, data recovery, lcd component repair, and motherboard component repair. Approved repairs must be paid in full upon approval. There is no obligation to have any work performed. You would only pay the diagnosis fee when you decided to have no work performed.

* Limited Warranty
ACS Service Center warrants all replacement parts will be free from defects in material and or workmanship for 90 days from the date of installation. ACS Service Center will replace defective parts excluding labor and shipping during that 90 day period. All labor is warranted for 30 days excluding Data Backup. Warranty will not cover the failure for an after-repair fault if different from the original fault which was fixed. Any user installed/downloaded software additions alterations, virus/spyware acquisition will void the labor warranty for software related repairs.

* Limit of Liability
In no event shall ACS Service Center be liable for any consequential or incidental damages due to lost data/program and or defects in parts, labor or loss of laptop. The total liability of ACS Service Center shall not exceed the total paid to ACS Service Center for services or products rendered. I agree that the actual fees paid on my printed invoice reflect this limited liability and allocation of risk.

* Expedited Diagnostics
ACS Service Center offers an expedited diagnostic option for a non refundable fee of $75. This fee guarantees the diagnostic process will begin immediately and be completed on the same business day if dropped off prior to 2pm at our Gahanna location. Repair services will be expedited as well, though part availability will affect this time frame. The $75 fee is separate from the diagnostic and repair costs and must be paid at the time of drop-off.

* Complete Agreement
I agree that these terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between myself and ACS Service Center. No amendment or modification will be binding unless signed by an authorized ACS Service Center employee.